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The ultimate sampler of the flavors the Sharks tried in the Shark Tank! Includes 6 of Each Flavor:gg

 Everybody’s Favorite (Lori Greiner’s Favorite Flavor!) Everything Bagel Stuffed with Veggie Cream Cheese.
The Classic: Plain Bagel Stuffed With Plain Whipped Cream Cheese.
• Pretzel (Oprah’s Favorite Flavor!): Pretzel Bagel Stuffed with Cheddar Dijon Cream Cheese.
Grandma Jo Jo (Steve Harvey’s Favorite!): Italian seasoned Bagel Stuffed with Pesto Cream Cheese.
French Toast: Cinnamon Nutmeg Egg Bagel Stuffed with Buttered Maple Syrup Cream Cheese
Chocolate Chip: Brown Sugar Bagel Stuffed with Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese.

These are some of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2014! “I love these mini bagel bites filled with different cream cheeses from a little shop in New York City’s West Village.” – Oprah

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How To Make Bantams At Home

BAGELS ARE SHIPPED FROZEN. Due to their perishable nature, our Bagels are shipped incredibly carefully, with 5lbs of dry ice, custom coolers, and stringent “perishable” shipping specifications through Fedex. That said, we ask that you please be on the lookout for your package because unfortunately anything that we send out may not be returned. Ground shipping is not available for zip codes where Fedex cannot deliver ground within 2 days from NYC. 

To Reheat: Defrost & Toast. 

Defrost: For best results, allow Bantam Bagels to defrost overnight in your refrigerator. Bantams may be kept up to a full week in the refrigerator. 

Toast: Toaster Oven for 3-4 min, or Oven – 400 degrees for 7 minutes.

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