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Nick and Elyse Oleksak, Co-Owners Bantam Bagels.

Nick and Elyse, graduates from Columbia University who spent years in their fast paced jobs on Wall Street, never thought that a bagel company would be the next step. Funny as it sounds, the idea for mini stuffed bagel balls actually came to Nick in a dream. Waking up suddenly, bleary eyed and excited, Nick grabbed his phone and typed in a reminder. The very first batch was baked a day later… and they were delicious! After hundreds of test batches made in their Brooklyn apartment, Nick and Elyse finally found the perfect recipe and the Bantam Bagel was BORN. Friends, families, and colleagues went crazy over the tasty morsels! It became clear pretty quickly that this dream was one worth pursuing.

Excited to take the leap and start their own business, Elyse and Nick traded their small apartment kitchen for their very own shop on Bleecker Street. The tough bagel critics of NYC not only accepted their new twist on the bagel, but after being open for less than a year, Bantam Bagels was named one of the top 3 Bagels by the NY Daily News!

With demand for their Bantam Bagels growing outside of NYC, Elyse and Nick started making plans to share their mini stuffed bagels with everyone from coast to coast. Not stopping there, Bantam Bagels went on to win the stamp of approval from the World’s most influential stamper, Oprah, who included Bantam Bagels as part of her list of “Favorite Things” in 2014! Bantam Bagels can now be shipped to anyone nationwide straight from our website.

In 2015, Nick and Elyse brought their delicious bites to the most influential business moguls in the United States when they appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. They even landed a deal with the Shark of their dreams, Lori! Since then, Bantam Bagels continues to Change the Way America bagels, one mini stuffed bagel at a time :) !

Click here for an inside look at our experience in the Shark Tank and Beyond!
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