Inside The Tank

Inside the Tank: Our Incredible Experience

To set out on your own and create something from scratch is the definition of the American dream, and Shark Tank was a driving force in our decision to start our own business. We watched every episode religiously and learned all we could from each and every entrepreneur that dipped their toes in the tank – after being open for less than a year, we were lucky enough to have the chance to walk down that famous hallway!

The Pitch

It’s pretty nerve wracking standing in front of 5 of the most influential business minds on the planet. It was basically the toughest, most rigorous interview we have ever experienced! Nick’s mic even malfunctioned as we waited for the doors to open, moments before walking into the tank (talk about your heart in your stomach!). But we were prepared. Hours and hours studying our numbers, discussing strategy, and crunching on potential pitfalls helped us prepare for the “feeding frenzy” in the Tank. As seen during our episode, the Sharks delivered exactly what we were expecting: High pressure, smart people, great conversation, and an incredible whirlwind energy that cannot be matched. What an exciting experience!!

The Sharks Loved our Bagels!

Sharing our bagel balls with people that have never tried them is always exciting, and sometimes even a little scary, especially if they are Sharks! We flew our bagels frozen from NYC all the way out to the Shark Tank and just had to hope they were up to the Sharks liking – luckily for us, everyone was in love! We had always dreamed of presenting our bagels to the Sharks, so it was an incredible feeling when they couldn’t get enough of our bagels. Each shark liked a different type, and Everybody’s Favorite ended up being Lori’s favorite too!

To buy the flavors that the sharks tried and loved, click here!

Closing the Deal

We knew going into the tank that Lori was the shark we wanted to work with. When she put her offer on the table, we just knew we’d have a happy ending. In a split second, we exchanged a quick look that only a husband and wife can read – we both knew… “Lori, you have a deal!”. Since then, Lori has been an incredible business partner. She truly is always available, always looking out for the next big thing for our business, and is an even more inspiring leader then we ever could have imagined!

To learn more about our partnership with Lori and our business after the deal got real, watch us on ABC’s Beyond the Tank!

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