Behind our brand is a churn of hard work, so passionate and avid, that the idea of hard work has become the heart and soul of our company, driving us to grow and innovate beyond anybody’s original vision. From us as owners, to all members on the ground and everyone in between, Bantam Bagels staff prides ourselves in our hard work, fondly coined by our team as the “Bantam Hustle.”

Our ultimate Bantam Hustle moment was just last year. Pregnant with my second, we had a last minute offer for back-to-back airings on QVC. Unwilling to say no to any opportunity, we said yes and booked the shows immediately.

So there we were: early on a Wednesday we made the drive to QVC and aired at 7pm. One airing down and we were killing it, far exceeding our dollars per minute expectations! With a three-hour wait between airings, and my pregnant-lady inability to stay energized for more than a few hours at a time, we took to the green room for a quick rest and catch up on emails before restarting a new cycle of hair & makeup, mic set up and table rehearsals. Through bleary eyes, at midnight we wrapped our second sell (another great one!), got in the car, and drove the 2.5 hours back home.

What felt like mere seconds later, the alarm started blaring…time to get up, there was a plane to catch! Landing in LA later that morning, we ran off the plane, hailed a cab and literally jogged into the show room for one of the highest profile trade shows of the year. We set up our booth in record speed, putting the finishing touches on our table and firing up the oven as the doors opened.

After a wildly successful show, we flew the redeye home to boxes, movers, and a whole new adventure at home. That may have been one whirlwind trip, but the truth is, if we aren’t willing to do it, how can we expect anyone else to?
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