With a product that was moving faster than our business infrastructure could grow, there were many times in the early days when we did things the hard way—the much, much harder way in order to get something done. But doing it all ourselves and doing whatever was necessary to meet the deadlines was the only way to get through the short term. And while it may have been harder (and far less efficient), it was these experiences that helped us get to know our business inside and out.

One of the most hysterical things we did (in hindsight, of course!) was during a test run for a major national chain. It was our responsibility to manage the store delivery of Bantam Bagels so we did it the only way we knew how—we did it ourselves. We rented a freezer van from a local facility in Brooklyn and drove the van, with our baby safely snuggled in a car seat in the back, around New York City at the crack of dawn, multiple times a week, personally delivering our bagels to each store. We collected tickets, got stuck in traffic more times than we can remember, spent lots of time singing nursery rhymes in between stops, and learned the nuances of store delivery the hard way.

While we no longer personally deliver our Bantams to stores nationwide, when challenges do arise at the ground level (and believe us, they do!), our experience driving around New York City means that we are better equipped to help find solutions and genuinely assist in ground-up problem solving. Not to mention we have plenty of recommendations on the best songs to sing to a baby while stuck in traffic!

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