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Bantam Bagels are mini, filled bagel balls!

Bantam Bagels is different than any other New York bagel shop. Why? Because at Bantam Bagels we produce mini, filled bagel balls known as “Bantams.” With Bantam Bagels, you can enjoy your beloved crispy, chewy, perfectly baked New York bagel in a unique miniature version. Our bite size Bantams are filled instead of topped, allowing for easy eating on the go! Baked fresh every day, and with a variety of delicious filling and bagel combinations to choose from, our guilt-free morsels mean that you can taste multiple flavors in one sitting without feeling guilty about eating too much of a great thing. Imagine that? Big flavor for the price of a small indulgence… pretty hard to refuse!

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Bantam delivers catering orders anywhere in Manhattan! Call us (646)-852-6320 or click here to order online.



West Village: 283 Bleecker Street, NYC 10014


Bantam of the Month!

The Athena! Rosemary oregano seasoned bagel, filled with an olive feta cream cheese and topped with a marinated tomato


Bantams in the Press!!!

Our Bantams were featured on The Today Show, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Chew and more!